Blogging the Scientific Method

I’ve been percolating an idea for a while now. One of the most irritating tropes of right wing politics in the US is the demonization, mischaracterization, mistrust, and general dismissal of science. I quite agree with Ethan Siegel’s excellent piece on the responsibilities of a science educator (formal or informal). While it is of paramount importance to (correctly) teach people about what science says and what our current knowledge is, I think it is equally important to teach people how we get there. Scientists don’t consult arcane oracles or rely on dusty, ancient grimoires for their knowledge. Neither do most of us get our talking points from the political heavyweight du jour. There’s a process to the acquisition and development of what we call “science,” and it’s really just a slightly more careful version of what everybody does when they’re trying something new. I want people to understand that, and I want people to become conscious of how they do science all the time so that it’s less of a scary black box that is misused politically to either frighten people unnecessarily or lull them into a false sense of righteous security when they should legitimately be alarmed. I’m going to call this lark “Blogging the Scientific Method,” and I’m searching for the right platform for it.


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