Announcement: Blog has moved again!

Well, I’m back.  After using as my Evernote-integrated blogging platform for awhile, they opted to put the entire service behind a pay wall.  And while I am absolutely not opposed to paying for a service from which I get good use, the features the team wanted me to pay for centered largely around collaboration (5 authors! 10 sites!).  Not being a collaborative blogger, this seemed like a poor value for me.  Additionally, they got rid of Dropbox and Pocket integration, which I really enjoyed.  The fee is about the same as the premium package on, and frankly I don’t think, with its slimmed-down integrations and dodgy syncing/parsing, is worth that yet.  So here I am at WordPress again.  Over the next several days, I’ll be back-filling posts that went up on my blog, and it’ll be (almost) like I never left!


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