Columbus Day Morning

Holiday morning lazing about in bed, reading

Hubby (also lazing): “I think I’ll paint over some spots in the bathroom that need touching up.”
Me: blink “But we don’t have bathroom paint.”
Hubby: “I’ll just use the bedroom paint. It’ll be close enough.”
Me: thinking about how the bedroom is mauve and the bathroom is pastel purple “Um, I really don’t think…”
Hubby: “It’ll be fine!” bounds off to gather painting supplies
Me: “But…!” decides this is not the hill she wants to die on

sounds of painting happening, followed by the washing machine starting up

Hubby: “Done! Don’t use the shower until it’s dry, okay?”
Me: “Sure.”
Hubby: “Also, your towel is in the wash, so you’ll have to wait for it to be done.”
Me: suspicious “Did you get paint on my towel?”
Hubby: “No! No, I most definitely did not get paint on your towel.”
Hubby: “I got paint on my towel. So I put yours in the wash with it. Y’know, so you wouldn’t be able to use the shower until the paint is dry.”
Me: ….. does not comment on the fact that other towels do in fact exist in this house.
Hubby: “Also, we really need to get the right color paint. The bedroom paint looks pretty awful.”
Me: sigh


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