I do so love this time of year. The air is a bit bracing, the angle of the light is getting lower in the sky, and I can smell woodsmoke and drying leaves in the air. The leaves are starting to turn, and I’m already hoarding the visual experience of driving or walking down wooded roads. I want to do everything at once – shop for a new jacket (I’ve out-shrunk my barn coat), visit the local farmers markets for apples and squash, raid the crafts stores for DIY Fall decor, crochet myself a nice cuddly wrap….

The road out to a local University Field Station on my walk today 

I wish Fall lasted much longer than it does, with its warm colors and cool temperatures and cozy turn towards the comforts of home and hearth while still propelling us outdoors to appreciate the whirlwind of changes from summer to winter. I guess one of the beautiful things about Autumn, though, is its transience. It makes us appreciate it by its very brevity, clinging to those perfect days before it all dissolves into rain and chill and grey and brown on its way to the still, brittle white of winter. We’re off to a lovely and early start to my favorite season here in New England. Here’s hoping that it carries on for glorious weeks yet.


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