Gorgeous Day Today!

On days when the weather is good, neither too hot nor too cold nor too wet, I try to get out for a brisk walk over my lunch hour.  I typically go 2-2.5 miles, which takes me about half an hour if I really hoof it.  My employer’s facility is in an industrial park that houses other technology and defense-related businesses and labs, and you can get a good walk in without stepping out onto busy roads.  Today, my walk looked like this:

Bridge Over a Very Small Gully

Absolutely gorgeous day today; brilliant sunshine, temperatures in the low 70s (F), fair weather clouds in the sky, and a very mild breeze.  I’ll take a hundred just like today, please and thank you.  I hope the weather continues cooler and more comfortable beyond the end of this week.  It felt great to get out and have a brisk walk after so many days spent avoiding the stifling heat that’s been parked over Boston.


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