A crisis of faith (?)

Catholics File Suits on Contraceptive Coverage – NYTimes.com

Its nonsense like this that makes me so angry at the Church I’ve faithfully followed since I was a child.  What the Church is saying now is that they will refuse to allow their female employees to make their own birth-control-related health care decisions even when they have been absolved of all financial responsibility!  This is a level of control that the Church cannot and does not exert over its own female congregants.  Employees of Catholic hospitals and universities are not all required to be Catholic.  The Church is going to court to control the health care decisions of people who haven’t even signed up for the RCC’s belief system, something it does not even do to people who HAVE signed up for said system.

I’m one of these (apparently) horrible women who have taken oral contraceptives at some point in their lives.  I took them at a time that I was not sexually active for the purpose of treating a diagnosed medical disorder (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  In the name of taking a misogynistic hard line on women’s issues, the Church would brand me and other women like me as heretics (or whatever) for seeking proper treatment for an acknowledged medical condition.

I keep trying to tell myself that this is just a policy issue, this is something I can selectively ignore because it has nothing to do with the theology that I’ve embraced all my life.  But it’s starting to ring hollow, if I’m honest with myself, and I am not at all sure what to do about that.


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