Doily update

I’ve made a bunch of progress on the lace doily I’m making for my mother-in-law. Here’s where it stands now:

I finished the white round, did the second pale blue “daisy” round, and started on the final round of the doily. I couldn’t decide between white and dark blue for the last round, so I went with both — white rings and dark blue chains. I think the effect is rather pretty. What do you think?

So, I’ve had several updates to my personal slate of available technology in the last several months. First, I finally got a smartphone, an iPhone, and I LOVE it! Its camera is actually better (sadly) than my standalone digital camera, so that means that I will now always have a camera available when I want to post a picture.

Second, I now also have an iPad. My husband bought one for himself last year, and he really enjoyed using it. For his birthday this year, I got him the upgraded iPad 2, an admittedly extravagant gift that had the not-entirely-altruistic side effect of transferring the old iPad to me! My biggest reservation with tablet PCs in general has been that they lack a physical keyboard. That’s okay if you’re just going to be a consumer of content, but presents a significant drawback if you want to be a creator of content.

So, I solved that problem by getting myself a Zaggmate bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a case, and hey presto! One sleek, lightweight, 100% mobile tablet-cum-netbook that I can use for all my travel computing needs AND I can write and/or blog with it, too (note the dribbles of lace everywhere heh):

Thanks to some spiffy (and cheap!) apps, I can take pictures on my iPhone, zap them to my iPad via bluetooth, and plunk them right into blog posts, which will automatically upload them to Picasa. This replaces the old rigamarole of taking pictures, sync to desktop, load photos to web, fetch links for photos, compose blog post, insert img links, all of which had to be done from my desktop. How cool is that?! So, I may be blogging more often now that it is less of a hassle to manage the pics, and I’m not chained to my desk. Time will tell!

Location:Blogging from my iPad!


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