Latest lace project, and an outing!

So!  At the very outset of this little adventure, I promised lace.  Well, my digital camera was packed in a box, and I couldn’t find the cable, and I couldn’t get the software to work on a 64-bit operating system, and….  And I got lazy and didn’t fix any of the above.  But!  Issues surmounted, and here is a picture of the piece of lace I’m currently working on (picture after the jump):


This is an example of tatted lace, and I’m working it from a shuttle wound with size 80 white DMC tatting cotton and a ball of the same stuff.  For the uninitiated, tatted lace is made by tying thousands and thousands of teeny tiny knots around a core thread and forming those knots into rings, chains, and some specialized motifs like leaves and the like.  I’d show a close-up of the stitches, but I think I need a better camera than my ancient 4 Mpx model to get decent resolution.

Once I finish the round in white, I’ll go around again in light blue, same pattern as the first light blue round.  The fifth round will be the same pattern as the white round, and I’m dithering over doing it in white or in the dark blue thread I used for the center piece.

Under the heading of Very Exciting Things! is the fact that today, I will travel to Sturbridge and attend my first New England Lace Group meeting.  There are actual other people who live in this general area who also make lace!  This is a thing unheard of; I’ve always been a solitary lacer.  So we’ll see how it goes and maybe I will sign up as a formal member.

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