Observations: Evolutionary psycho-logy: Commandeering genetics to explain why Obama really is a Muslim.

It’s hacks like this that give the rest of the scientific community a bad name.  This guy has decided that religion is genetic, and therefore Obama is a Muslim whether he likes it or not.  It doesn’t matter that he professes to be Christian.  It doesn’t matter that he’s attended Christian churches all his life.  It doesn’t matter that he STILL attends Christian churches when his presence isn’t completely disruptive to the congregation.  He’s a Muslim because this “evolutionary psychologist” says he is, and that’s final.  I… don’t even know what to say to that.

I will say this: if Psychology ever wants to be considered a bona fide scientific discipline, it had better learn to put an airtight lid on idiots like this one, or at least keep them out of the national media.


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