Update on the weekend cooking experiments

So, to update progress on my Holiday weekend recipe experiments:

Mayonnaise/Italian Dressing chicken was a success.  Hubby declared it very yummy, which I count as high praise since he is usually not a fan of main dishes that are sweet or tangy, which this chicken is a little of both.

The Shrimp Pasta Salad was delicious.  I actually like it a whole lot better than the usual tuna/mayo/celery pasta salad.  The only drawback is that it’s best when freshly prepared; unlike the old standard, it doesn’t improve with age.  I altered Martha’s recipe just a little, using canned tiny shrimp, small shell pasta, and chopped cucumber instead of sliced.  This also got a big thumbs up from hubby, which was amazing since he’s not a huge fan of lemon.

Also tried but didn’t mention the first time around: Roasted corn on the cob with chili-lime butter.  Super easy, recipe will follow in a separate post.  Was AMAZING.  I actually had to go out and get more stuff to make it – hubby requested it with dinner the next day.

Homemade whoopie pies haven’t happened yet.  I made the cookies, but we also have an apple pie we’re working on, so the filling and assembly will wait till after that.  The cookies, however, are quite scrumptious.

Lion’s head meatballs haven’t happened yet, because I only bought one package of ground pork when I really needed two, and the supermarket actually ran out over the weekend (who runs out of ground pork?? It can’t be that popular of an item.)  I plan to make the meatballs this evening, perhaps to cook and serve tomorrow.  It’s unbelievably hot here, and I’m not sure I want to stand over a simmering pot of meatballs and cabbage today.

The hummus was delicious, as usual.  Every time I make it, I’m reminded how good it is and that I really ought to use it more as my condiment of choice – veggie dip, sandwich spread, replacement for the butter on buttered toast, cracker spread, etc.  There’s really no application where you can’t substitute hummus for [insert high-fat dairy condiment here] except possibly corn on the cob.  It’s more flavorful too – win-win situation.


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