Holiday Weekend Ramblings

Happy 4th to any Americans who happen to pass by my humble blog!  It’s a holiday weekend (hooray!), so that means I usually try a few new recipes.  On deck this weekend:

My mother’s Mayonnaise and Italian Dressing Chicken.  I know that sounds perfectly revolting, but it is actually a splendid way to prepare boneless chicken thighs, of which I happen to have a package.  It’s pretty easy, just mix together equal parts Miracle Whip salad dressing and bottled Italian style vinaigrette dressing.  Thoroughly coat chicken pieces with mixture and marinate.  If you want to marinate whole chicken pieces (bone-in or boneless), marinate overnight or several hours at the least.  If you’re pressed with time, cut the raw chicken into bite-sized pieces, coat all with marinade, and let stand for as long as you can.  Chicken prepared this way is especially good grilled, but a hot skillet will do for those without yards and/or barbecues for grilling.

Martha Stewart’s Shrimp Pasta Salad, which sounded perfectly yummy and should be a good accompaniment to the burgers I plan to cook tomorrow

Festively patriotic Red Velvet Whoopie pies, which will not be red because I couldn’t find red food coloring. 

And my mother-in-law’s recipe for Lion’s Head meatballs, so named because each meatball is served in a nest of sauteed Napa cabbage, thus lending the appearance of a lion’s mane.  The meatballs, themselves, are made of ground pork and are very similar to the filling of baozi dumplings.

There will also be a reprise of my Chipotle Hummus as a raw veggie dip.

Should be fun!


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