And the fun continues!

Underneath the desk that serves as a microscope bench, there is a large box of (ostensibly) Depends undergarments.  One of my colleagues spotted it, did a double-take, and asked, “what on earth do we need Depends for?”

In response, my delightfully French desk-neighbor turned around and offered the following anecdote and DIY tip:

[Turn on your mental French accent here for full effect.]

“You know, I used to work at a hydroelectric plant, and they had this room that was just stuffed with about 2 tons of boxes of maxi pads.  I couldn’t imagine what they were for, especially since there were no women working there.  I wondered if someone was setting aside supplies for an emergency.  I finally learned that they used them during chemical cleaning of all the big parts and gears and things – just stuck them in place and let them soak up the washings.  They worked great for that!”

And then, randomly, “Oh, by the way, baby wipes?  They work great on car grease.  You know, you’re working on your car, and your hands are a mess, and you’ve run out of that orange hand cleaner?  Baby wipes are just fabulous for that.  And your hands end up clean, moisturized, and smelling nice!”  He had us all rolling!

And we still haven’t figured out what the Depends are for.


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