What the future looks like

The Reproductive Revolution: How Women Are Changing the Planet’s Future: Scientific American.

This is a fascinating read.  I’ve always been of the solidly held opinion that the only way women would truly achieve equal status with men was to take absolute control of human reproduction.  As long as a woman is viewed as a mare to be bred, she remains a possession, a thing rather than a person.

There are two sides to that coin, however.  Now that we are firmly on the road to that destination; now that women are in the driver’s seat of natural population control, one begins to wonder if we will ultimately put ourselves on the endangered species list simply from insufficient population replacement.  I hadn’t really considered the implications of liberated reproductive choice beyond the justly deserved freedom it gives women.  This excerpt gives me something to think about.  While it doesn’t make me change my mind about women’s rights, it does make me wonder a bit just exactly what kind of road we’ve started to travel.


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