Jack Cafferty of CNN asked today what his viewers will miss the most about President Bush.

My initial gut reaction was to shriek, "Nothing!!!"  Any way you look at it, even if you look at it charitably, he’s been a humiliation for America as her president.  But then I thought for a minute.  And I will miss something.

I will miss the way the mess he made galvanized a nation.  I am so proud of my fellow "young" voters, who turned out in droves and delivered for President-elect Obama.  I am so proud of the people who never voted because their voices seemingly never mattered, but they came out anyhow and let themselves be heard.  I am so proud of the older voters in this country who took a chance on a young candidate and a new sort of politics in this country.  It can’t have been easy to take that leap, and I respect them for doing so.  I’m proud of us, as a country and as a collective citizen of the world.  I just hope that I will continue to be proud of us as we travel the difficult road ahead.


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