Ode to Breakfast

I have discovered a truly divine breakfast.  To reproduce the effect would take some doing, but is possible.


1 Eggo NutriGrain waffle
1.5 Tbsp Maple Apple Drizzle
1 c tea, prepared to taste

Brew tea to taste.  Allow to cool slightly while assembling the waffle.  Prepare waffle according to package directions, or make waffles from scratch if you’re feeling ambitious.  Top warm waffle with Drizzle.  Enjoy.  Try not to swoon.

The Maple Apple Drizzle is a jarred fruit topping that I picked up at Morse Sugar Farm outside Montpelier, VT while I was on my honeymoon.  It’s produced by Side Hill Farm of VT.  On the jar label, they have a little byline printed, “The Apple Pie in a Jar.”  I kind of chuckled at that, automatically filing it in the quaint-backwoodsy-marketing folder, but wow.  Completely accurate.  And absolutely, outrageously delicious.  Even better?  Completely all natural.  Here are the ingredients:  MacIntosh apples grown and picked in New England, Sugar, pure Vermont maple syrup, granulated maple sugar, spices.  That’s all.  Nothing I need my chemistry degree to identify.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

And now, I must hide it from myself so I don’t succumb to the temptation to never mind the waffles and eat the stuff with a spoon.


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