*Dusts off ye olde LJ account*

So.  I’ve had some big changes in my life lately, and I needed a place to yammer about them.  Tried blogger, just to see, but I kept trying to make it more like an LJ without much success.  So.  Here we are again after a long silence.  Why?  Well!

I’m thirtysomething, and very recently married – coming up on two weeks. Because I prefer to keep my RL and online identities pretty well separated, I won’t refer to myself or any of my family/friends by name, so you’ll see me refer to my husband as Yes Dear, something he is getting a lot better at saying. (grin)

I met Yes Dear in junior high school. We initially hated each other and competed for the top grades in our class. That rivalry eventually evolved into study groups, friendship, *best* friendship, and finally the realization that there really wasn’t anybody else that either of us would care to share our lives with. We were a committed couple for 13 years prior to our marriage, largely because we both wanted to be "done with school" before getting married. For me, "school" was relatively reasonable. I stopped with an MS in organic chemistry. He’s a PhD mechanical engineer who is just finishing up a postdoc. Hence the 13 year wait.

By occupation, I’m a research chemist. My formal training is in small molecule organic synthesis, but I’ve been turned into a polymer chemist courtesy of my current job. Without going into detail, I’m working on making plastic out of things we can grow or ferment. Neat project.

Problem: My job is in the Midwest. Yes Dear’s postdoc has been in the Northeast, and he’s been offered an excellent job in the same city. Ergo, I will be moving out east to be with him. This, in itself, is fine. Splendid, even. I’ve always loved the northeast US. The problem is that I will be leaving my job. Voluntarily. At a time when NOBODY in their right mind is volunatrily leaving a job because it would be LUNACY for them to do so. Honestly, I’m terrified. I’m a good chemist, competent and reasonably talented at it. But I only have a Master’s degree, and I’m worried that there won’t be any jobs available for me or anyone of my level of qualifications. My husband’s job is good, good enough for us both to live on, but not good enough for us to save a whole lot on top of that. I need to find a job once I get there, and I worry that it’ll be shift work in quality control. I desperately do not want to do that again – I did it once while looking for a job in my field, and I really hope I don’t end up in that kind of position again.


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