Apparently, my vaccum cleaner is a monster.

Wow, it has been an age and a half since I updated here.  I’ll try to remember to post here more often.  Anyway, here’s what’s new.

So, I’m finally getting round to posting about my relocation.  To briefly recap:  Almost two months ago, I (FINALLY!) got a job offer in my field, which rescued me from the wonderful (hah!) world of bottled water QC.  The pros:  IN MY FIELD, interesting research, great people, great salary, good company, etc.  The cons:  50-mile commute each way from where I was living, not in Boston, where my bf has a postdoctoral research position lined up and which is considerably closer to my family.

In sum, I was going to have to relocate to be closer to my job, doubly so because the bf will be leaving the area in another couple of months, and no way was I going to keep paying nearly $800/month rent on a 2br apartment WAY too big for just me AND keep commuting 100 miles a day with gas prices as high as they are.  And so I have.

I now live in a very nice 1br apt in a secure building in the town where I work.  It came equipped with all the major appliances, including washer, dryer, and even a microwave oven, and it has a gas fireplace, sunken tub, electric heat, central air conditioning, water and garbage paid by the landlord, and a covered parking space.  And all that for $465/month!!  Sometimes I love living in the Midwest.

And this brings me back to my vacuum cleaner!  My mother was exceedingly generous and bought me a vacuum when I moved, since the one at the old place belongs to the bf.  She got me the same model, just an upgraded version.  It’s a small upright with a fold-down handle that’s great for fitting in small closets.  I used it for the first time this evening.


The little monster generated a windstorm that I had to squint through, and it was so determined to suck up my entire kitchen rug that I had to unplug the ridiculous thing to get it to let go.

Just let anybody try to break into this place – my vacuum will have them taken care of in no time.

*eyes vacuum closet nervously*


3 thoughts on “Apparently, my vaccum cleaner is a monster.

    1. I shall absolutely not be a stranger! In fact, once my bf has gone trotting off to Boston and I am no longer driving back and forth to Champaign on the weekends, I would be delighted if you would come for a visit on a weekend, should that mesh well with your schedule. We can do crafty things and watch movies and have excellent tea and tell silly stories. Silly PIRATE stories!! (Is it July 7 yet?!)


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