Well, I’m back.

Good morning!  It’s a lovely day already, and I’m writing this morning from my new apartment. 

It’s a nice place, really; we’re in a condo complex that’s about 25 years old.  We even have a fireplace!  We don’t have a whole lot else, however.  😛  Since we don’t plan to be here past the end of the year, we decided not to buy large furniture items like a couch.  Our living room is currently an extended foyer furnished only with a few hand-me-down folding chairs from my parents.  And a coffee table — have to have something to put the mail on, after all. 

The kitchen is quite large.  Our (very nice!) new card table and folding chairs look a trifle small and forlorn in all that space, but I must admit, it’s wonderful to have a kitchen with enough room to move around in.  I even have a pantry!  A pantry!

The bf is in the master bedroom; the en suite in there has the only shower, and he needs that first in the morning.  So, I got the smaller bedroom by default.  The small size, however, is offset by the twin bed I’m borrowing from my sister.  She’s recently married and doesn’t need or have room for an extra single bed in their new place.


I am writing this post from my BRAND NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER!  *loves!*  I haven’t had a new computer in over five years.  This thing is BRILLIANT!  So fast!  And I’m liking WinXP so far.  I got a Dell 15.4″ widescreen laptop with enough bells and whistles so that it can become my primary computer after I finish all the file transfers.  (This will allow me to dispense with the very large desktop and its attendant large boxes which are a HUGE PAIN to move, I’ve discovered.)

In other news, I’ve been hired on permanent at my job.  I was there as a temp, but now I’m officially an employee.  I have a 401k plan.  Egad, I feel old.  I cannot tell a lie, however, I will be very very glad to put that place behind me.  The business is not very well-run, and their prevailing philosophy seems to be that they’d rather treat their employees poorly, work them into the ground, and replace them when they’re burnt out rather than build an experienced work force.  It really sucketh sometimes, truly.  But c’est la vie.  This too shall pass, I keep telling myself.

But anyway, the REAL reason I’m posting this morning is because I found a really beautiful meditation here.  I’ll post it in its entirety.

O Lord,
there are times
when the darkness seems so deep,
and the way so heavy,
and the cross you have given us to bear
rubs hard against our shoulders.

When the darkness is at its deepest,
be our strength.
Be our light when we see no way out.
Be our hope when the hope we expect
dries up in our worries and our griefs.

When the darkness takes our voices away,
let our silence come to you,
more poignant and deep than any words,
and fill our spirit
with your words.

And in the end, Lord,
help us stay upon that path
until the dawn comes,
and we see your smiling face
and your outstretched hand
there to bring us home.

Susan E. Stone, 2005


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