I have something to say. (Rant Ahoy!)

Okay, this is the sort of thing that REALLY winds me up.  In a nutshell, a “Christian” adoption agency is rejecting all applications from Catholic adoptive parents.  Why?  Because they have a “Statement of Faith” that they believe conflicts with Catholicism.  It’s not something that Catholics have told them is inconsistent with Catholic doctrine; they assume it is.  And because they require all adoptive parents to sign a document stating that they embrace this “Statement of Faith,” they haven’t bothered to entertain applications from Catholic parents.

Pardon my abbreviated language, but WTF?!

First off, I’ve read their “Statement of Faith.”  There is only sentence in the entire page-long document that I’d quibble with, and it’s a quibble, not a this-far-shalt-thou-come-but-no-farther sort of line in the sand.  Theologians might argue, but I’d certainly be able to sign their document in good faith.

Secondly,  you might be wondering why this matters.  There are, after all, Catholic adoption agencies and secular adoption agencies that accept Catholics as adoptive parents.  So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that this “Christian” adoption agency makes a goodly bit of its money by peddling right-to-life merchandise.  To Catholics.  (And others, of course.)

So.  We’re good enough to finance the operation, but not good enough to be parents?

For shame, Bethany Christian Services.  If Christ knocked on your door today, what would He think of your application of His teachings?

Then again, perhaps we are not your neighbor, whom, you’ll remember, Christ instructed all of us to treat as we would have them treat us.  I’m not so sure I want you as my neighbor, either.

In other news, I HAVE MY HARRY POTTER BOOK!!!!

*koff*  Not that I actually have any time to read it, what with my insane hours and getting ready to move.  Sigh.

Oh, and also, GIP!!!  (which, for the uninitiated, stands for Gratuitous Icon Post.  I love Edna Mode!)


3 thoughts on “I have something to say. (Rant Ahoy!)

  1. WAUGH! HARRY POTTER! The rest of your entry is very outrageous, please believe me, but this is all my brain has room for at the moment: Harry Potter and how I covets it.
    Also, moving? What? When? wuh… where?


    1. Oh yeah, I meant to email you about that…
      Not to worry. I’m not going far. Not yet, at least. Our lease is up next month, but we found a place willing to lease to us until December. It’s a bit north and east of where we are now. I’ll email you with the address. We’ll be out of our current place and into a hotel on Aug. 9th, and into the new place on Aug. 17th. I think we’ll be able to keep our phone #, but just in case, you have my cell #, right? (I’ll send it with the new addy if you don’t.) Hope you’re having a blast out west! *hugs*


      1. Re: Oh yeah, I meant to email you about that…
        Actually, I don’t believe I do have your cell #, so if you could include that in said e-mail, I’d be very grateful.
        Phew! I’m glad you aren’t going far just yet!
        Thank ye, dearie! I’m having a pretty nice time, but it’ll be great to see you again. *hugs* to you, too. 🙂


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