Some thoughts

Well.  I have survived my first week in my new job.  It is a job which is a heck of a lot more than was advertised.  More hours, more responsibilities, more everything.  When I applied for the job and when it was offered to me, I was told it was a five day, ten hrs per day position.  More than I’m used to, but okay.  It’s a quality control position at a water bottling company – not something I want to do forever, but certainly sufficient to tide me over until the degree is finalized (I got the confirmation on that the other day!) and my coursework is finished.  However, after I accepted the position, I was told that it would be a six day per week, 12 hr per day position, and in addition to being the QC person, I would also supervise the cleaning staff, and I would be the purchasing person, receiving person, safety officer, and responsible for the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the plant.  (One wonders what in the world they did before they hired me!)  I don’t mind having the added responsibilities, but yeesh, they ought to have at least said in the job description that those would be part of my duties.

So yes.  I am exhausted.  It is Not Easy working 72 hours a week AND trying to finish up a Masters Degree AND trying to have a semblance of a normal life.  I will be transitioning to the night shift over the coming weeks – I start the noon-to-midnight shift tomorrow.  At least I’m getting a ton of overtime, so the money’s great.  With any luck, though, this job will be temporary.  VERY temporary.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts

  1. Ugh! Well, good luck with that, then, hon. I hope it is, in fact, very, very temporary, because it sounds very not good. Do take care of yourself, as dipsas has already said. I hope we can talk fairly soon.


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