Baby steps

One of the my pet causes, one I haven’t spoken of yet in this forum, is women’s rights, particularly in the Middle East.  Here in the U.S., we gripe and moan about unfettered access to birth control, equal pay for equal work, and being charged more than guys at the salon.  In Afghanistan under the Taliban, women were not allowed to ride in the front seat of a car, never mind actually drive the thing.  There was no medical care for women, because women were not allowed to work at all, and they were also not allowed to be examined by male physicians.  I remember reading a few years ago that Iranian women were ecstatic that they had won the right to do calisthenics in an outdoor park early in the morning.  They were thrilled to be allowed to excercise in the open air, veiled from head to foot, of course, but exercise nonetheless.

Today, the BBC is reporting that Saudi Arabian religious authorities have outlawed forced marriage – i.e., forcing a woman to marry a man not of her choosing.

Not exactly a resounding victory for women, but certainly better than nothing.  Power to the Sisterhood, and all that.  We’ll get there, eventually, if we just keep fighting.


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