A few musings about the Holy Father

Because I’m a math and science geek, I was curious as to how many days the Holy Father was on Earth.  He left us on the 31,000th day of his life.  That’s a lot of days.  While I know there is much disagreement, especially in America, with some of his policies and moral teachings, I think everyone would agree that he did more with those 31,000 days than just about anybody.  At the end of my life, I hope I can say that I have done at least as much good in all my days as he did on one of his.

As I was watching CNN yesterday, I saw an amazing video clip from one of his trips to the USA.  I think it must’ve been sometime during the 1980s, because he was strong and steady on his feet.  The clip showed him on a stage in an arena filled with American teenagers.  They were yelling and applauding like he was a rock star rather than a religious leader.  They started chanting for him, “We love you!  We love you!”  When they finally quieted down, the Pope smiled and opened his arms to the crowd before saying, simply, “I love you more!”  The place went nuts.  He was an incredible man, as this well-written post affirms.

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