Rant ahoy!  Stuff like this just makes me want to tear my hair out.  (Found the link via Bookslut, btw.)  Does anybody out there live in Alabama?  If you do, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE.  Like, now.  There’s a bill under consideration in the state legislature that will make it illegal for any state funds (including funds allocated to public schools, libraries, and state univeristies) from purchasing any materials or funding any programs that acknowledge the existence of homosexuality, or materials or programs that any homosexual person had any hand in creating.

That means university literature programs would not be allowed to study Lord Byron’s poetry.  Books like The Color Purple could not be taught in class or bought with library funds.  Et cetera.  The acceptability or unacceptability of homosexuality aside, what they’re talking about is effectively state-mandated censorship and discrimination, and THAT is unacceptable.

The idiot who’s sponsoring this piece of drivel says that “the bill is designed to deter children from homosexuality, which [is] an unhealthy lifestyle because it undermines procreation and is associated with AIDS.”  What a load of malarkey.  The existence of homosexuality is not going to stop the procreative activities of far more heterosexuals than this earth can support.  And it’s sexual activity that is associated with AIDS.  The sexual orientation of the participating parties is irrelevant – AIDS does not discriminate.

So what’s next, Congressman?  Going to ban books written by people of color?  How about books written by non-Christians?  Spiritual texts other than the Protestant Bible?  Bah.

This is the reason (aside from the climate) why I will never EVER live in the South.  I’d be in a constant state of outraged fury.


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