Yet another reason to like FireFox!

Have I mentioned that I really like the Mozilla Firefox web browser?  I really, really like it, and here is yet another cool reason why.  I follow several blogs and newsfeeds outside of LiveJournal.  Mind you, it’s entirely possible to follow them on your friends page, but I found that putting them there drowned out all my LJ friends unless I wanted to set up a gazillion different friends filters just to be able to follow all my favorites.  And once again, Firefox to the rescue! 

The browser, itself, has the ability to make live bookmarks.  In other words, you bookmark your favorite blog or RSS feed, and Firefox will keep track of the subject lines or headlines that get posted to the feed.  You can read the headlines from your bookmarks menu and read the posts that most interest you.  Good stuff.  But especially with personal or community blogs, the subject line does not always give you a useful clue as to what’s actually in the entry.  So, somebody has written a Firefox extension, called “Sage” that will monitor all your favorite feeds and give you a summary page for each feed when you click on its name.  This nifty little program lives in the sidebar area, and when a feed is updated, its entry in the list gets an orange star icon.  It will also search any page you have in an active tab for available feeds.  So if you stumble upon a great site, the RSS reader will see if there’s a way to subscribe to it.  Pretty cool!

And also?  You can even install an LJ posting client right into the browser.  No need to open up another program or visit the update journal page.  (I wouldn’t recommend installing it just now, however, as the developer is working on rewriting it so that it works better with the latest release of Firefox.)

Furthermore, I have a live feed from the Weather Channel in my toolbar that shows current and forecast conditions, and I have an mp3 player down in my status bar, so I can control my music player right from my web browser.  Oh!  And let’s not forget the sticky note emulator that lets me jot stuff down without (a) using paper, (b) opening another program, or (c) cluttering up my hard drive with all kinds of small text files every time I have something I just want to scribble down.  And I also have extensions in place to block unwanted ads and block unwanted flash objects.  I love this thing!

Okay, enough gushing about my web browser.  Now that I actually have some time to play with, I’ll be working on some more substantive posts to put up here.  I have a few bees in my bonnet, and I’m working on coherent, intelligent treatment of said bees.  They’ll pop up here over the next several days.  Just like significant others and income tax forms, I find that bees in the bonnet are best dealt with One At A Time.


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