And the fun continues!

Today, my math professor went through some mind-bending proofs involving determinants and various transformations thereof that had us all scratching our heads at him.  Towards the end of class, he approached the end of the proof, but, inexplicably, stopped short of finishing.  Here’s why.

(Note, to get the punchline, you will need to remember from Calculus what a derivative is, and that the process of taking the derivative of a function is called “differentiation,” and that the derivative of ex is ex.)

Prof:  Okay, that is almost the end.  I finish next time.  But!  There is time left for a joke!

Class:  *blink?*

Prof:  So, there was this asylum, and one of the patients was terrorizing the others.  He was running around with a baseball bat, shouting, “I will differentiate you!”

Class:  *looks at each other incredulously*

Prof:  But one of the other patients was not afraid and would not run away.  And the guy with the bat stopped and said, “Why are you not afraid?”  The other one answered, “Because I am ex!”

Class:  ………  *snicker*

*sigh*  Yet another example of really bad math humor, but we were amused in spite of ourselves.


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