More Math Hijinks!

And the fun just doesn’t stop!  You can really tell my professor grew up in the Cold War Soviet Union.  Here’s how one of the example problems went in class today.  (Don’t forget to imagine the Russian accent for full effect.)

“Okay, so!  We will take a sequence of letters, say:

{M, A, T, H, I, S, F, U, N}

And we will arrange them such that…”

*ponders sequence of letters*

“Such that…”

“No!  Is boring example.  I will make more exciting.  So!  Imagine we have a prison!  There are n prisoners in the prison.  And each day, the prisoners are led out to get their dinner in a line.  Now!  In order not to have conspiracies, nobody can be in line behind the same prisoner he was the day before.  Understand?”

Class:  *blink*

“Okay!  So, how do we determine the number of ways for the prisoners to line up without having conspiracies?”

And then he proceeded to demonstrate how to figure out the number of ways we could safely form such a line.  This guy is such a trip.


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