I don’t believe this.

Well.  It’s been an eventful couple of weeks.  First Big Event:  Jan. 29.  I’ve been working in a bookstore in town whilst my boyfriend finishes up his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.  And I have been doing so because there is Very Little for anyone with a chemistry degree to do in this town that’s not connected to the university.  I haven’t been making a whole lot of money, but we were making ends meet, and I had a full-time job with benefits, etc. On Jan 29th, we had a staff meeting at the store.  Nothing unusual about that – we have one every month.  However, at this particular staff meeting, he informs us that all full-time positions at the store are hereby terminated, along with all insurance and other benefits, starting immediately.  However, he magnanimously offered to let the full-time people (me and three others) stay on as part-time staff.  With our hours cut in half.  Delightful.

So I started scrambling around, trying to find another job.  Since the bf is almost done with the degree (we hope), we decided that now would be a good time for me to start looking for something in my field.  So I called the University to make sure everything was copacetic with my masters degree and find out how to request transcripts if an employer requested them.  You can imagine my surprise when the person in the records office asked me why I wanted transcripts since I had never finished the degree.

Apparently, the flipping department did not submit the proper paperwork to get my last course counted towards my degree.  And it’s been long enough now that they don’t have any official record that I ever took the course.  (Long story.)

So!  I have to take this wretched course again.  And it is now February, which means I have missed six weeks of coursework, which I am trying to make up as fast as I can.  At least they’re not going to make me wait until Fall.  So!  I’ll be rather busy playing catch-up for the next bit here.

*sigh*  I thought I was done with all this…

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