Happened a while ago, but I wanted to remember

Out of the mouths of babes….

Okay, so I went to 11:30 Mass one morning last May, and the funniest thing happened. It was the Easter season, so a good portion of the Mass is sung, including the Gloria. In our parish, the organist is a bit heavy handed, so that usually translates to the entire congregation singing at the top of their lungs in an attempt to be heard over the organ. It’s all very impressive and majestic, and this morning was no different. Father Mark usually pauses after the Gloria to catch his breath and let everyone’s ears stop ringing before continuing on with the next prayer.

On this particular morning, into the almost deafening silence that followed the organ’s thunderous conclusion, a little boy cried out in the strident tones that the very young have,


And started applauding enthusiastically. It was The. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

The entire congregation was trying very hard to stifle their laughter, and poor Father scarcely made it through the next string of prayers with a straight face.

Sometimes, I just want to muzzle some of the young children that come to Mass, because they often end up wailing about something and disrupting the proceedings. But sometimes, they are wonderful reminders of how joyful and uncomplicated faith can be.


One thought on “Happened a while ago, but I wanted to remember

  1. Prolly the effect Bach had in mind when he said that he intended to “raise people’s minds”. (Ok, that’s not all he said, and it’s out of context, but still! *grin*)


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